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Event Planning


Collaborate with an experienced team of professional event planners to create a successful corporate, nonprofit, education or association event for organizations and their attendees

Full-Service Event Planning
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Full-Service Event Planning

For those seeking a seamless event experience without the need for a full-time staff event planner, our Full-Service Event Planning package is the ideal solution. We cater to organizations that lack the time, resources, or experienced staff to handle the meticulous details of event planning.


Why Choose Full-Service Event Planning:

  • No Need for a Full-Time Event Manager: Ideal for companies requiring one or two successful events annually without the necessity of hiring a full-time staff member with associated costs

  • Comprehensive Event Handling: From inception to conclusion, we manage all aspects of your event, ensuring success without the burden of adding a full-time employee to your payroll


When to Consider Our Full-Service Event Planner:

  • Lack of Experienced Event Manager: When there's no experienced event manager on staff

  • Budget Constraints: When a full-time staff event manager with benefits is beyond the budget

  • Time and Resource Constraints: When there's a shortage of time or resources to plan an event from start to finish

  • Budget Consciousness: When you want to ensure a successful event without unnecessary expenses

Our Event Planners Offer:

  • Task List Creation: Developing a comprehensive event planning task list categorized by team roles, input into preferred planning software with specific dates and subtasks.

  • Budget Management: Collaborating with the client team to create an event budget, ensuring financial considerations are aligned with goals.

  • Vendor Procurement: Managing the selection and coordination of all vendors and venues, including catering, audiovisual, décor, and photography, utilizing existing client partnerships where applicable.

  • Communication Management: Handling all vendor and speaker communication, sending regular updates to the client team on planning progress.

  • Contract Review: Thoroughly reviewing vendor and venue contracts, event orders, and bills, submitting to the client for payment and documentation on the budget.

  • Participant Documentation: Ensuring accuracy and inclusion of all participant documents and signage.

  • Consultation Services: Providing guidance on sponsors, fundraising, speakers, and programming as needed.

  • Event Day Presence: Arriving early on event days, coordinating with vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and staff, and staying on-site until all exhibitors and vendors have departed.

  • Post-Event Wrap-Up: Facilitating a post-event wrap-up meeting to review successes and identify future opportunities.

Choose our Full-Service Event Planning for a stress-free, successful event that aligns with your vision and budgetary needs.

Partial Planning & Logistics Management Services

Are you equipped with a planning team but lack the oversight to ensure a seamless event execution? Our Partial Planning & Logistics Management package offers professional event planning support where you need it most.


Key Features:

  • Strategic Oversight: We provide a qualified Planning & Logistics Manager to oversee your planning committee, ensuring a cohesive approach to your event

  • Task Management: Our manager develops a specific task list with due dates for your planning team, ensuring everyone is on track and working toward a successful event

  • Budget Expertise: We collaborate on your event budget, providing real-time updates throughout the planning process to eliminate last-minute surprises


When to Consider Our Services:

  • Qualified Oversight Needed: When you lack an available, qualified individual to oversee your capable planning committee.

  • Task List Requirements: If your planning committee needs a specific task list to enhance efficiency.

  • Budget Management: When you require an event administrator to keep your team on track and ensure budget adherence.


Our Planning & Logistics Manager Offers:

  • Meeting Engagement: Attending planning committee meetings, taking notes, and updating team to-do lists for enhanced collaboration.

  • Task List Creation: Crafting an event planning task list with specific dates, assignments, and subtasks, utilizing preferred planning software.

  • Timeline Review: Regularly reviewing timelines to ensure the team stays on track.

  • Document Organization: Creating and managing a Google Drive planning folder or utilizing specific planning software to store all documents and templates.

  • Communication Management: Managing team communication as needed to enhance collaboration.

  • Budget Oversight: Regularly reviewing the event budget, identifying areas for optimization.

  • Post-Event Wrap-Up: Attending a post-event wrap-up meeting to discuss successes and future opportunities.

  • Vendor and Speaker Management: Handling vendor and speaker coordination, serving as the on-site point of contact.

  • Event Day Presence: Arriving early on event days, coordinating with vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and staff, and staying on-site until all exhibitors and vendors have departed


  • Customizable Services: Additional duties can be tailored to fill any specific roles needed for a successful event.

Partial Planning Services
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Day-Of Event Logistics Support

Are you seeking a seamless and stress-free event day experience? Our Day-Of Event Logistics Support services are designed to be the extra set of hands and eyes you need to ensure your event runs flawlessly. 


Why Choose Us:

Ever wished your event manager could be in two places at once? We've got you covered. Our experienced team steps in to handle the intricate details of event logistics, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.


What We Offer:

  • Understanding Your Event: We specialize in comprehending the flow of events and vendor responsibilities. In just one detailed meeting, we grasp what might take your team multiple sessions to understand.

  • On-Site Support: From setup to teardown, we're there every step of the way. Whether it's directing vendors, managing staff, or ensuring the run of show stays on track, we're your on-site support system.

  • Customized Solutions: Our services are tailored to your specific needs. We can be your hands and feet during setup or a second point of contact while you're on the floor. We manage silent auctions, live auctions, registration, attendee management, and more.


Standard Event Logistics Support Package:

  • Prior to Event: About two weeks before the event, we meet with your event manager or planning team to review details like BEOs, agendas, speakers, vendor lists, and load-in schedules. We also attend the final team meeting if applicable.

  • Day Of Event/During Setup: Our comprehensive support includes overseeing signage placement, ensuring the event space aligns with plans, directing vendors, conducting audiovisual tests, preparing registration and guest tables, checking in with sponsors, and managing any issues that arise during the event.

  • Stay On Schedule: We cue relevant parties to ensure each segment of your program starts on time. Our on-site presence guarantees that the event runs according to plan.

  • Post-Event: We oversee the teardown process, wrapping up your event smoothly.


Choose Seagram Events for a worry-free event day, where you can focus on your attendees and program, knowing that the logistics are in expert hands.

Day-Of Event Support
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