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Live Stream Your Events with Confidence

Seagram AV offers production broadcast-level live streaming for all events, either with in-person attendees or without. With the best video equipment and professional audio, we will partner with you to reach audiences of all sizes, anywhere they may be.

Live streaming gives your attendees the important content they need for any event, including everyday team meetings, professional development or continuing education, even when they can't meet in person. 

We're here to be your event partner from beginning to end, no matter how big or small. Click the button below to send us your event details and get a quote.

Our live streaming packages include:

  • Picture-in-Picture Capabilities for Presenters & Presentations

  • Switching between Presenters and Presentations or Videos

  • Professional Audio & Video Quality

  • Live Chat Features for Q&A

  • Seamless Integration of Virtual Presenters through Video Calls into Live Stream

  • Graphic Overlays including titles, custom backgrounds and logos

Contact Seagram AV today to learn more about our live streaming services.

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